Taking Texas to the East Coast

I would’ve never guessed that my life would be where it is now. Never in a million years.  I would’ve never planned for this. I would’ve never believed you if you told me this a couple of years ago.

BUT… I’m thankful. God had made this plan for me a long time ago. A plan that will shape me and will challenge me to grow. The more you trust the plan the better your life will be and the better you will feel. It’s easy for anxiety to take over, because what’s happening now is not any small change. This is life changing.

Norfolk, Virginia is where my new life will begin. As a full-time wife, a keeper of the house, an undergrad student, a friend and so much more. If your future doesn’t scare you, then your dreams aren’t big enough… a thought I always try to remember when I’m feeling stressed out and wanting to slam on the emergency breaks because it’s safer to stay in Small Town, TX forever. One part of me has always loved adventure. Seeing new places, learning about what those places have to offer, and remembering that no one place is the same. I remind myself there is so much in the world that I would never know about if I never took the chance to adventure. I really like that part of who I am.

As much as this move and these changes will be about Cody and I, a big chunk of it will really be about me. Growth together and separately is important in my opinion. I’ve watched him grow without me so much in the past year, and I know he will respect my independent growth as well.

But together we will be starting a life together and I know it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows. It will go from exciting to disappointing, from happy to sad, and from easy to challenging within seconds, day, months of time. The best part is that I will have my best friend through it all. Someone who makes me laugh and be silly. Someone who is positive about almost any possible situation when I’m struggling to find the glass half full. Someone who keeps me grounded and will eat my food even if he hates it.

On that note…


Thank you for being my best friend. For managing to do what you’ve done for me while we’ve been almost a thousand miles apart for quite some time. I know I get frustrated when you have little say, but it’s who you are and I love you that way. Thank you for supporting my dream of finishing school and becoming a teacher. It’s something I’m glad you don’t want me to give up. Thank you for being an idiot and not taking life too seriously when I’m stressing to plan each part of my life perfectly. Oh, and thank you for being handsome 🙂

Night y’all!