Brown Sugar Mishaps

Ok so I can cook. Sort of. I can handle following recipes, but no I can’t whip anything together because I have no clue what ingredients go together or are even remotely in the same family. I prefer baking honestly, but you can’t provide the correct sustenance on just sugar and eggs.

I told Cody I would start practicing on my cooking skills before we got married, so tonight that is exactly what I did. We had chicken in the freezer, therefore I pinned every chicken recipe I thought looked good. I found this Brown Sugar and Garlic Chicken recipe that looked pretty tasty.

During my new recipe journey I learned two things:
1. Brown sugar burns quickly.
2. It also bubbles over in the oven.

Crisis averted though. My mom helped me out and it still tasted super good. Yay for a chicken success!


Next up… I found a yummy recipe for one of my favorite vegetables… GREEN BEANS!
Seriously, they were so good… I was eating them out of the pan while finishing everything else. Bacon, garlic, soy sauce… Ahhhhhh. These were super easy and I could probably eat the whole batch as just a meal. So tempting.

Successfully cooked two things without burning down the house, even though I do need to clean the oven now. Dang bubbly brown sugar. Let’s just focus on these yummy things instead.


(Hi Cody, hope you like green beans!)

Lastly, my mom showed me how to make her yummy homemade mashed potatoes. I never knew how easy these things were to make. All you need is well boiled potatoes, heaping scoops of butter, a little milk and some salt and pepper. There are no exact measurements because she says it’s really all in how long you beat them. And really the hardest part is your arm getting tired from holding the beaters for so long. I’m serious. #weightroomneeded

All in all, I was pretty worn out after I finished everything and cleaned the kitchen and did most of the dishes and ya know… geesh. I was almost too lazy to pick up my fork, but dinner was yummy nonetheless. I think it’ll be so much more fun when I see Cody’s face change from fear to satisfaction when he realizes my food won’t kill him.

Goodnight y’all!