What the heck do I give up for Lent?!

_DSC0965The Catholic in me really enjoys the idea of Lent. Think about all the suffering Jesus went through for each one of us. You know the story. I don’t have to explain it. It’s a brutal one and it’s full of heartache. Deciding what to give up for Lent becomes more serious for me as each year passes. I’m constantly asking myself “What I could I possibly give up or do differently that could amount to what Jesus did for me?”

The answer is nothing. I can’t do anything to match the sacrifice He made, but I’ve learned over there years that I can do things to make myself better for Him.

So Lent…
What do I give up?
What can I do differently?
What if I forget to not eat meat on Fridays?
Or on Ash Wednesday?

I forget to not eat meat a lot actually. Reid and I tried to hold each other accountable last year. Didn’t work. We like steak too much, but this year I will try to be better. Promise.

Ok so…for the sacrifice part…
I’ve decided to give up sugar, well natural sugar doesn’t count, just the yucky processed stuff. I’m literally going to try my best to not eat sugar for 40 days. I’ll constantly have to check myself and make sure I don’t slip up. Oh man, I’m gonna need some help from above for this one.

What I’m going to do…
I’ve decided that I’m going to journal everyday and reflect on something that will better myself. I can reflect on anything important in my life…whether it be the Bible, my relationship with Cody (Hi my love!), my goals, etc. I don’t always consistently journal, the one I’m writing in now was given to me in 2009 when I graduated from Catholic school. Ha! So I’m going to make a point to do this daily. I’m making a vow to not miss one single day until Easter.

And well… meatless Friday’s will still suck. Always do. I remember my mom and I always ate bean burrito’s on Fridays during Lent. Guess I can do that again now that I’m home.

Anyways… Lent is important to me and it always will be. I seriously don’t miss going to Stations of the Cross during school on Fridays though, but I’m thankful I went to a school that allowed me to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for me, even if it was really hard being in elementary school and sitting in a pew for two hours.

I realize what I’ve decided to do for Lent may not seem like a lot, but I think it will be good for me. Last year, my good ole friend Lauren Ross gave up sleeping in her bed. It lasted a week, but she tried. In a dorm room her permanent palette on the floor didn’t do anything but get in the way. I think Jesus understands.

And to my fellow Catholics needing ideas for lent… read this… I laughed so hard. It’s geared more towards teens, but still hilarious.

I’ll leave you with that. Have a good evening y’all!


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