Simplicity {Wedding Wednesday}

I’m simple. I’m not one for extravagance, and I probably never will be. That’s totally fine and needless to say my wedding will be simple just like me.

The thought of planning a wedding overwhelms almost anyone. I’m not saying it hasn’t bothered me, but I definitely haven’t been stressing about it. The big day means so much more than gorgeous decorations, fancy meals, and perfection. The big day is about a new marriage. A new beginning. A new life. It’s easy for that to fall all the way to the bottom on a bride’s list of priorities, but I plan on making my list a lot different.

I’ll be honest… I haven’t used the Knot, or the Wedding Wire, or anything along those lines. I do have a big five subject notebook with all of the information and ideas for my wedding written down though. There’s no need to make a production of a wedding… the meaning of the day is beautiful in and of itself, and God, along with your loved ones, will think it’s an amazing production if it’s filled with love and purpose.

I’m not saying I don’t want my wedding day to be planned and beautiful, but I’m saying there’s no need to lose sight of the reason you will be standing at the altar that day.

I thought I’d show you guys a few of the decorations I’ve picked out. Hobby Lobby was having a huge sale… so my mom and I took full advantage of that. 🙂


They had this awesome garter! It came in a set, but I just snapped a photo of one of the keepsake one. Easy, cute and cheap. Perfect.


We stocked up on tons and tons of burlap that was 50% off. Score.


I loveeeee Hobby Lobby’s metal letters. I can keep this forever and use it as a household decoration.


I picked up our initials, too! Maybe I can use them on the bride & groom table?





Then we hit up the frame sections and bought way too many probably. I’m only posting like three of 25. Ha! None of them are super matchy-matchy and I love that about them.



And I loved these. They’ll fit in anywhere and I can keep them forever, too!


Love, love, love this chalkboard! Totally thinking about the whole “pick a seat, not a side” thing. I want this shindig to be as laid back as possible.


And here’s our guestbook. It’s full of pictures and guests can just sign around them or on the negative spaces on the photos. I was nervous about ordering it, but I love it so much.

Thanks for taking a look! And remember… a wedding is about the man you’re marrying and the relationship you are creating as an example for everyone around you. ❤




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