Happy New Year!

Fasten your seat belts because this new year is going to bring a lot of change. Change as in a new last name, a new home, a new school and basically a new life. Pretty crazy right? I’m ready for it. I hope. At the moment I’m pretty stress free and easy going about all of it. Besides, the more things change the more they stay the same.

So, yes I did say a new last name, which indeed means that I got engaged (HOLY CRAP!). After almost a full week of being home Cody decided to pop the question on the day before he headed back to Pensacola. Pretty much his usual style.

Cody&Maddie-129 Cody&Maddie-131 Cody&Maddie-139

I had talked to my mom about photographing us while he was home on leave. When you own a very expensive camera and nice lenses why not enlist your mom to do a photo shoot forCody&Maddie-146 you? It’s free 😉

Cody decided it would be a good time to get down on one knee during the shoot. Thank goodness my mom was in on his secret or she might have had a heart attack and missed every single picture. Once again he proposed at the last moment when I was being super moody and completely over taking pictures because I was sure we had enough. I didn’t know that hanging around for a couple of more shots meant I’d end up with a fiancé and pretty ring on my finger.

Even though we had been talking about getting married for a while I wasn’t sure when Cody would really be ready to take the leap into all the craziness that would follow an engagement. I had my suspicions as to what my Christmas present might be, but I still think I was a little surprised, especially after New Years had passed and nothing had happened.

I am so thankful he trusts me with his future and the rest of his life. God knew exactly what he was doing a year ago when we hung out for the first time. I can’t wait to see what this next year holds for us!

It’s going to be a wild ride. I know this year will be a defining part my who I am and what my life will become. I have a lot I still need to accomplish and I cannot wait to tackle my goals with someone as special as Cody by my side. I am blessed and I think this journey will be exactly what I need. ❤

Cody&Maddie-115*Kuddos to my madre for some awesome pictures. 🙂


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