Didn’t I just get here and why are my thighs bigger?!


Holy flippin’ cowabunga… My freshman year of college is OVER. Life as a Longhorn has definitely made me smile, made me cry, and taught me to embrace anything and everything life throws my way.  I have learned so many things this year:

  • I love procrastinating but actually hate procrastinating
  • I really, really respect the inventor of lean pockets (pepperoni please)
  • City life isn’t as bad as I thought it would be
  • I miss Corsicana, TX (Did I really just say that?)
  • Exercise makes you feel better about your life
  • My love for coffee might actually run deeper than my love for sleep
  • People will probably always be smarter than you, better looking than you OR BOTH
  • All you need are Nike shorts, yoga pants and tshirts to survive


Oh the roommate, Marissa Mann.  I couldn’t have asked for a better one.  I really think how you feel about your roommate can really make or break your experience as a freshman.  Luckily for me, mine was pretty awesome.  We couldn’t be more different, but I feel like that’s what made us so good for each other.  She’s interesting and full of life – and I know she will go do and see some amazing things in the future.


Ah the dorm room window.  It provided plenty of sunlight for Marissa’s cactus, George.  Yep, she named him George.  It gave us a beautiful view of the city, something that this small town girl isn’t used too.  And it also let Marissa and I send morse code via flashlights to my cousin Reid who lived in that big white building you see in the picture.  We still can’t believe it worked.


You guys, I pierced my cartilage this year too.  I’m a goody two shoes… so this was pretty crazy for me.  Maybe I’ll get a tattoo next. Mom, are you reading this?  Anyways, Marissa and I decided to get a piercing on a random Sunday night (literally like 9:30 at night), which was good for us because we received the “Sunday Special” and saved like 6 bucks on our piercings.  Sounds sketchy I know, but my ear is still attached to my head and not infected in any way.

 _DSC7740 _DSC7742

Well there’s me.. living it up on the Duren 4th floor.  This was a Saturday night and unlike most guys and gals in this city I ws not out killing my liver and drunkinly flirting with guys.  My freshman year consisted of almost zero partying and I’m proud of that. My GPA reflected it. SWEET.  I don’t condemn drinking, I actually really love beer, but I feel like living in a city this awesome makes for so many better things to do. Like climbing Enchanted Rock – one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Or running down South Congress after you’ve devoured a Homeslice pizza. YUM.


This year has also brought me some of the greatest GIRL friends ever.  In high school I was the girl who hung out with the guys.  Everything about me was tomboy, except for those three prom dresses I wore.  I came to UT and actually met girls I enjoyed… it was AMAZING.  I love them so much and I couldn’t have imagined meeting anyone else that could have been better for me.  They have listened to me gush about the love of my life, especially while he was away at bootcamp.  They have made me laugh when I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.  They have encouraged me to be the best I can be.  They are great girls and I am so thankful for them.

There’s no way I could ever be able to tell you enough about my freshman year here at THE University of Texas.  It was hard and my brain could explode at any moment now.  It was beautiful and full of life.  But most of all, I grew so much from the day I moved in all the way until the day I left.  I never imagined how much my life would change.  I finally got over heartbreak and the regret of wasting four years of my life on a boy who didn’t deserve it.  I finally realized that I needed to love myself more and be confident in the person I am as well as the person I am still trying to be.  Most important, I became more aware of how extremely blessed and lucky I am to be here in this place with a chance to learn, grow and make something of my life.  So far this has been an awesome ride and I can’t wait to see what sophomore year brings my way.

I love this school and I thank God everyday I was born a Texas Longhorn.

Hook ‘Em


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