Where have you been all my life?

I took a leap the night I agreed to meet him.  He smiled at me and I completely fell into it.  In the middle of the Wingstop parking lot.  Romantic, I know.

I watched him order his food with a big cheesy smile on my face.  I’m sure he thought I was some kind of an idiot.  Anyways, being the gentleman that he is, I probably offended him when he totally wanted to buy my meal, but I protested against it for two reasons: I had just scarfed down some pizza and I just didn’t think he should have to do that.   Of course, I was impressed by this. Some guys are cheap you know and chivalry IS dying.

We sat down and I don’t remember exactly what I said first but I know it was something awkward.

(Keep in mind: I’ve been out of the dating game for while.  I was anxious and constantly questioned why he wanted to hang out with me. Really bad four year long relationships will leave these effects on you, just so you know.)

It didn’t take long for the conversation to actually get going.  It was easy.  It flowed.  My awkwardness had faded away.  He made me feel comfortable.  He found some way to make me laugh every second. I definitely didn’t want the night to end, and to my surprise it carried on much later into the night.

Where we are from doesn’t provide for any late night fun or activities.  We grew up driving around listening to loud music way too late, trespassing on someone’s open pasture, and according to him stealing speed limit signs, stop signs, etc.  So basically, our options were limited and we hopped in his truck.

(Momma questioned that decision, but he’s a good boy and kept his hands to himself.) 

We drove around talking about all the crazy things we had done growing up.  He completely outdid me, because I was never really that crazy.  I mean I enjoy reading for fun on Saturday nights.  Get ready for one of his craziest moments.  Turns out, some local company had a larger than life plastic caveman outside of their building. (You’re probably sitting there like, “What hick town is girl from?” and I completely understand why.)  He proceeded to tell me that during his senior year of high school, he and two of his friends drug the caveman behind the building, decapitated it, threw the head in the back of the truck, and drove off.  That’s right!  People steal plastic caveman heads in the middle of the night where I’m from.  So proud.

Of course, I didn’t believe him.  I had never seen this caveman before.  But in a matter of minutes, he pulled the truck over on the side of the road and pointed towards a metal building.  There it was.  On the left side of the building, I saw that poor decapitated caveman lying on it’s side looking completely and totally helpless.  I laughed for about five minutes straight.  Who woulda thought I would think this was incredibly stupid but cute at the same time?  Not many can say they experienced something like this on the first date (if that’s what it was). Definitely one of a kind.

After that excitement was over, he turned on the radio.  I’m a sucker for country music. It’s in my roots and my goodness the boy could sing along to a country song.  I think I was sold in that moment right then and there, but that just sounds crazy doesn’t it? 😉

I sat there. I listened to him.  I sang along some. Then I listened some more.  He gave me his phone and told me to pick a song.  I went through his songs and thought to myself, “If he’s anything like his taste in music, then I’m gonna really like this guy.”  For an hour, I sat there smiling in pure bliss listening to this country boy sing while he wasted all his gas driving through town.

We ended up back in the Wingstop parking lot after a wonderful jam session of George Strait, Eric Church, and I’m pretty sure he even liked it when one of my Tangled songs came on. (HE’S GOTTA BE A KEEPER.)  At this point in the night, I believe it was around midnight. I didn’t even try to get out of the truck and he didn’t make me.  I knew my momma would be wondering where I was, but that didn’t stop me and normally it would.  We sat there and talked. And talked some more, not paying attention to how late it actually was.  Eventually, he needed to pee and was totally honest about it.  So he decided to go behind the local Dickey’s — I crossed the busiest street in town with him and that busiest street in town is completely dead at 2 AM, which sucks because I kind of wanted to play our own game of real life “Frogger.”  Small towns are no good for that though. Anyways, he peed and I was totally laughing. What a weirdo 🙂

It was freezing so we hopped back in the truck.  More talking occurred as well as some flirting. (he might of not acted like he wanted me, but he did.)  Anyways, it was lighthearted and wonderful.  So cheesy, but so true.

We said our goodbyes and I headed home around 3 AM.  In one night, I laughed more than I had in months.  My cheeks hurt from smiling.  My heart was happy and full.

Before I got home I knew I wouldn’t be able to pass him up.  I had hung out with so many other good guys, but he was different.  Meeting him reminded me what it felt like to be happy again.  I knew it was only just the beginning and I couldn’t wait to see him again.

If I remember correctly the moment I got home I sent him a text asking, “Where have you been all my life?” In a matter of seconds he responded with “I don’t know, but I’m here now.”

It may have been a little different, but I don’t even care. In one night this happened to me:

My heart melted and I was sold.


One thought on “Where have you been all my life?

  1. duchessofmannchester says:

    dear maddandrews,

    how. and. when. the logistics. you manage to completely slay and reign in such a fantastic young man? Such skill. Such a cavalier quality! Such envy.

    Help a sista’ out, holla’ at yo gurl…

    Sincerely, the original Queen among Peasants

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